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Some sad news ...

I have been repairing Watch Timing Machines, and Cleaning Machines, since 1979. Over the last three years, it has become apparent that this aspect of my business is no longer profitable enough even to pay for the insurance, which I must have, for electrical and electronic hardware activities. So I have decided to call it a day. I am now sixty five years old so I have had a good innings. There will be no more timing machine or cleaning machine sales and service. However, I will continue my software activities for the forseeable future. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years.

News & Special Offers

A Rohde & Schwarz EMC measuring system is for sale ... 2500

This is a complete EMC measuring system with very high specification. Click to download the pdf and then phone to discuss! This is a private, post-retirement sale.

The Watch Escapement Analyzer is available now ... From 299

This innovative Solution offers significant benefits. Use your laptop or desktop computer as a professional watch timing machine... Read more!

The Gear wheel designer has additional new features ... including AMF file for 3d printing.

GPSCon has exciting changes ... A complete rewrite! Select different makes of receiver with a menu click.

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