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Involute and Cycloidal
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Involute, Cycloidal and Clock Gear GCode Generator

This application is used as an aid to the design of simple spur gears using, involute, cycloidal, recoil escape, dead-beat escape and ratchet wheel tooth form. Optionally it will design crossings (spokes) to your specifications. It shows a zoomable preview of the tooth form or of the whole wheel. It generates a simple DXF file which can be imported into a CAD package. It also generates an ISO cnc mill file from which a part may be manufactured.

The program will interact by regenerating whenever you alter a design parameter. Values which have to be typed will be activated when you press return. Check boxes and radio buttons will cause a regeneration immediately. Each time the wheel is regenerated the GCode file and the DXF file will be rewritten.

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