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GPS Calibration Standard


Sorry, we are currently sold out of this product.

We are able to supply, as an accessory for your eTimer system, a USB powered GPS receiver which ticks at one second intervals. Simply slip it into your microphone, or attach your clip microphone onto its case. It will generate ticks with amazing precision. Using this you can check the calibration of your watch timing system in just a few minutes

This receiver is housed in a USB dongle case sized approximately 50mm x 22mm 12mm. You can insert it into a vacant USB socket or a USB extension lead on your computer. To use it as a "tick" standard thats all you need to do since it is self contained and is only using the USB as a source of 5V.

The dongle also comes with driver software and a demonstration GPS program which you can optionally install. The price is 79.99

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